DREWCROW Landscape Architecture. Drew has been providing landscape architecture and site planning design services for residential and commercial clients since 1990 in North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

Drew Crow approaches every project considering the CLIENT and SITE FIRST. Every site and every client are unique and are viewed as an opportunity to create a beautiful & functional work of art finding the balance in creativity, environment and economics.

Past and present project experiences include:
Residential Home & Garden Renovations, Residential Master Plans,Residential Community Site planning, Neighborhood Entrances and Site Amenity planning, Multi - family Planning, Campus master plans, Medical Campus masterplans, Commercial landscape and Urban Streetscapes.

Our profession:    

Landscape architects are considered professionals like doctors and lawyers. In order to legally use the title of landscape architect we are required to hold a degree from an accredited university, complete a 3 year apprenticeship under a registered architect and pass a rigorous state licensing examination. Drew Crow believes that landscape architects are and should be the common ground between site, owner, architect and engineering.