On site consultation:

SITE FIRST: EACH project begin with an onsite consultation with the client.
In this meeting we try to get to know the client and the site & establish their wants, needs and wishes for the site. Working with the client, we analyze the site and develop a program and scope of work for the project. We follow this with a written proposal and design fees.

Conceptual Masterplans:

Accurate base maps are created by visiting the site, taking measurements, photographing the site, as well as using GOOGLE aerial photography and utilizing available civil surveys.

A typical masterplan includes a scaled design for all the Site Elements, Hardscapes, Patios, Pools, Decks, Driveways, etc. The masterplan is considered a long range plan and overall vision for the site. The masterplan can be implemented in phases over the course of several years.

Construction Drawings:

Upon approval, review and revisions to the conceptual master plan, we will provide the construction drawings.

A typical set of construction drawings includes the following:

• Layout plan / Dimensioning plan
• Grading and Drainage plan
• Construction details
• Planting plan and Planting schedules
• And landscape lighting plan

Construction Administration:

At the request of the owner, we will provide on site coordination with the owner and contractor. We can also help in collecting bids from the contractors.